Imagine in just one day you had all your ad campaigns planned out.

All the ads were written, images picked out, even the campaigns setup inside Facebook and other networks..

At any time you want you just click from “draft” to “live” and you’ve got qualified leads come in.

Don’t stop there, because we’ll also set up a full lead acquisition system for you.

This way leads will arrive in your sales people inbox with automatic notifications so they can set appointments quickly.

Finally, we’ll set up your marketing automation sequence to save you time and deliver any information they need promptly.

All of this done in half a day, and you profit all year/s long. Let’s do it, you can be anywhere in the world.

how we work

How This Works:

You’ll need to be up and ready at 9am because we’ll have a Zoom coffee.

While drinking coffee or a beverage of your choice, we’ll discuss my master plan for you.

Your Inventory Plan

After the e-coffee, we’ll pick your hottest properties and create a bunch of proven and tested, eye-catching images for your ads.

Advanced Dis-qualifier Ads Method Set Up

Once you know how to create eye-catching images once and for all, we’ll hit the ‘psychology’.

I’ll share our proprietary method with you, why it works, how it works and how to get rid of time wasters and tire kickers by dis-qualifying them without their knowledge.

I Write, Design and Set Your Ads

Before we break for lunch you’ll watch over my shoulder as I use my experience to write, design and set your ads (remarketing & custom audiences creation included).

You will learn how to implement what you’ve learned and how to duplicate campaigns with one click of the button for as many properties you like.

Lunch Break

If you left after this, it would still be worth the investment.

After lunch I’m going to overdeliver so hard that you’ll feel like this is the best money you ever spent. 

Adding Automation

Before we end the day I’ll create automations to deliver the leads to your inbox, sales people inbox, appointment setter people inbox (if needed), add leads to Google sheet (optional) to your CRM (or the one we recommend)  and notify your leads via email and SMS that you’ll be in contact shortly.

This way even if you’re out on the road, and have no time to attend to them immediately – the system will do the heavy lifting for you.

We’ll also create and upload (depending on CRM) 5 – 7 other automations to save you time and enable you to manage a high number of leads and still have a life.

100 Free Enriched Leads Bonus

Just before we end the day I’ll add our ‘secret weapon’ to your leads list.

We ill ‘enrich’ your leads and you will get 100 leads – names, emails, phone numbers, social profiles of people who on your list.

Then you can email them, call them, re-market to them, do whatever you like, to turn them into buyers much easier than before. 

(since you can contact them on 5x easier)

Even if you’d get just one sales out of them, you’d easily 5x -10x your investment in your Power Day. 

* your list should have at least 100+ leads

Post-Lunch Ad Campaign Launch and Q&A

Now that we’re refueled, we’ll launch your ad campaigns.

You’ll leave this day with all your campaigns setup and paused.

When you’re ready, just unpause them and watch the leads come in.

Or we can do it together on the call. 

Then feel free to ask any questions I have not answered already.

This way we left no stone unturned.

You'll Be Bragging To Your Business Buddies When You See The Results From Everything We Setup In Your Power Day

how we work

“450 leads in 3 months”

August Collections

how we work

Why Hire Me...

About Damir Butkovic…

I run a small yet successful ad agency which specializes in getting qualified leads for the real estate niche.

Because of the results I got, qualified leads, I’ve stopped working for other agencies and retainers and now have multiple partnerships and being paid on commission basis. 

I’m not world famous, nor have I written any books yet I do get results and in most cases, I get so many leads that no sales team, so far, has been able to properly handle them.

You will walk away from this day with everything you need to make as many, and more, sales you can handle.

This includes your campaigns, paid ads, automatons, free leads, automation templates, appointment setter contacts EVERYTHING!

Everything You Get...


  • 5hr in-person strategy session…
  • Your entire ad campaign/s set up and ready to go…
  • All of your ads pre-written and designed …
  • All your automations set up and ready…
  • 100 Free leads set up…

Never Before Has a More Comprehensive Power Day Been Offered

But Wait! There's More


  • An additional 1hr screen sharing session for free in case you ever need me to look over your campaigns
  • Audio & video recordings of your day so you can review anything that was said back at your office
  • 50% discount on my full year consulting package should you decide that you want me on standby all year long
  • Free access to my online training program, everything you learned and more…

These bonuses are strategic additions that insure the success of our day together.

You’ll leave the day with everything you need to have your highest revenue producing quarter ever, possibly even your best year.

How Much Is Your Best Year Worth?

I’m confident that our day together will produce your highest revenue producing year ever.

And the investment is just $4,995 for everything I’ve mentioned above.

Everything is included for that 1 time investment. The training, our time together, and all the bonuses.

Other clients who have done a full day with me, have enjoyed it so much that they decided to retain my consulting ongoing.

You’ll love our time together and by lunch you will know that it was a great investment.

how we work


We would love to hear from you .
If you call after hours, please make it fun ...

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