Why AdWords Still Rock

May 19, 2018
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May 19, 2018 Damir Butkovic

Why AdWords Still Rock

Why AdWords?

What is Adwords?

And why do you want to advertise with Google AdWords

And other questions are to be answered.

Please note: his is not a ‘how-to’ article, it more a guideline of what’s possible with Google AdWords.

But first, let sort out the vocabulary:

“Google AdWords is an online advertising service developed by Google, where advertisers pay to display brief advertising copy, product listings, and video content within the Google ad network to web users.  Google AdWords’ system is based partly on cookies and partly on keywords determined by advertisers. Google uses these characteristics to place advertising copy on pages where they think it might be relevant. Advertisers pay when users divert their browsing to click on the advertising copy. Partner websites receive a portion of the generated income

Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google. They can generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis.” – Wikipedia

In short, it’s all Google advertising.

Personally I’ve been a Facebook advertising fan because of some targeting options, it’s still great for various niche and I’ve managed to help quite a lot of people great results with it.

But lately, Facebook has ‘dropped the ball’ they put they price up for about 30%, made things harder, they have reached max ad load and made things harder not easier.

And at the same time Google did some amazing things and came back with brilliant targeting options which make things easier.

This are the things  you’re going to read about and  you’re going to get the system I use for myself, and my clients to maximize the reach and  literally cover the whole internet.

Now what’s biggest difference between Facebook and Google:

People spend 80% of their time, not all people, but a lot of people, in Facebook but when they need something they go to Google.

You see, Facebook because somewhat ‘news site’ people go there to see what’s ‘new’ and to connect with friends.

But when they need something, like want to buy a new car, look for good restaurant nearby or learn how to make DIY kitchen benchtop – they will go to Google.

On Google, people expect them, want them.

When people search for things on Google, they are already in ‘buying state, they are ready to buy, they look for things, they research them and buy them.

And this is why Google Adwords rocks!

For example, when your surf the Facebook, you really don;t want to see any advertising there, you want see what’s up with your friends and thing that interest you, right?

But when you search for things on Google, you want to find the best optin right now – to buy it, consume it, or whatever…


You want to be on both places – Facebook and Google.

Facebook can serve you and brand awareness platform, and to get some sales, simply because people spend a lot of time there and they you WANT to be on Google, use Google AdWords, because this is where people go what they actually want to buy stuff from you.

Now, I know what you’re thinking “AdWords are expensive” AdWords are complex” “I don’t know AdWords”

Well, yes and no…

AdWords can be all those things yet when set right, or just chosen the right way(which I’m going to explain about in next few minutes) then AdWords can be the opposite of those statements above…

So, enough beating around the bush and let’s get on to it…

There are several ways of advertising with Google AdWords:

Search – this is the one you know, and use the most! You know when you go to google, type in a keyword serak like “restaurants in New York”, “hotels near me” or basically anything and then you get results.

The ones which say “ad” are actual advertisements, just like the one below:You know this, you done this…

Googel search image


Now, Search type of ads I found to be the most complex ones..on the other hand, I’m not a PPC expert but I can tell you – it aint’ easy yet  you can learn it if you like it…

Display – This type of advertising is my favourite, its all those banners you can see across Google’s network of 2 million websites.

Just imagine – you can promote your content, or products, in this network’s, you simply choose where do you want to place your ads.

You can actually pick exact websites in some cases, and you’d be surprised on which ones you can put your content on.

If you don’t know the, don’t worry, Google knows everything – so you just pick your niche and they’ll do the rest.

What mega exciting they have type of advertising which is called “In Market Audiences” is where Google know your normal behaviour online but they can also see if you’re searching for holiday packages fo example.

Then they can pick advertisers to show their ads to you. Or you can show your ads to someone who is looking for holiday packages.

You get the drift…

What mega 2018 new, and super exciting, is that you can make your own Custom Intent Audiences…meaning you simply put in the keywords, you want to target, or websites, and Google will create special audiences/people for you to target.

That works great if you couldn’t find right people to target in Google’s targeting options…

Display advertising is great for broad reach of people, brad advertising and pre-selling..so if you want to promote your content – great!


There are three options of target – keywords, topics and placements.

If you target ‘keywords’ it means that your ads will be show on relevant websites which contain the keyword you have chosen.

If you target ‘topics’ then your ads will be shown on relevant websites which contain the topic/s you have chosen.

If you target ‘placements’ then your ads will be shown on websites you choose, or similar websites

I just love that fact that you can find some websites with millions of visitors and then put my ad there very niched and ultra targeted…

Videos (Youtube) – Well you know this one, you go to Youtube and the you see someone ads there.

Cool part? Retargeting!

Did you notice when you do go to Youtube, mostly you see ads from the websites you visited in past? That’s retargeting.

The best part? You can do the same…Meaning you can set it up so when people visit your website,  and go to Youtube – they will see your ads!

Or you can do something even better – simply create ads for youtube! Why?

Because Youtube is 2nd largest search network in the world!

Ibiza Digital - Youtube ad



Ibiza Digital YouTube ad


Ibiza Digital Agency - Youtube ad

There are many options as you can see and the possibilities are endless…

Mobile app – these ads you see in your mobile apps, easy to spot, they work well if your potential clients use mobile apps..

And you exactly know which ones.

You get the picture…

Shopping – really cool option if you have something to sell, like ecommerce website or similar.

You’ll have to create you product feed and upload it to merchant center then create a campaign.

Where will your ads appear (answered by Google):

“Here’s where you might see your Shopping ads across the web:

  • Google Shopping (in select countries)
  • Google Search, next to search results and separate from text ads
  • Google Search Partner websites, including YouTube and Image Search in some countries (if your campaign is set to include search partners)

Your Shopping ads can appear at the same time as text ads, because we want to give shoppers access to the full variety of products that match their search. This means that shoppers can find the best match before clicking through to make a purchase, which might help you close the sale.”

Ibiza Digital Agency - Google Shopping Ads

In conclusion:

Google is rocking the boat with possibilities, I mean, there is so many that it’s very easy to get lost…

Few other interesting things as my mentor, Charles Kirkland, wrote (one of the best internet marketers out there)

“Did you know that Google has an 800 number for live support? They will walk you through anything.

Google’s display campaigns reach 80% of global internet users. (Google Content Network)

Consumers exposed to display ads are, on average, 155% more likely to search for brand- and segment-specific terms. (Google Content Network)

The average click-through rate of an ad on the Google Display Network is four times as high as the average banner ad in the US and almost ten times as high as a Facebook ad. (Moz)

Last but not least…

Facebook ad impressions declined 27% year-over-year-in Q4.”

Taking time to learn how to advertise on Google just might be one of the most valuable skills you’ll ever learn. Why?

One, for the reasons above…

Two, People out there want to buy products, they buy products on daily basis and you’re the one who wants to make it easy for them to buy from you.

Disclaimer: Google AdWords just might be the place which can make you a boat load of cashola but it can also be the ‘money pit’ if you don’t know what you’re doing.

I’d strongly suggest hiring a  professional or taking some courses before you venture in Google advertising. You can even find a lot of free tutorials on Youtube or affordable courses ones on Udemy.

Also, creating just ads is not enough – your websites need have good marketing and copy, and it has to be easy for people to understand what are selling, what are the benefits for them to buy your products and it has to be easy for them to buy them risk-free.

You get those thing in line and you have yourself a nice online business.

Perhaps now, you might notice that just having a ‘’website’ is not enough. Internet marketing is an industry and it has a lot of moving parts.

You can do and learn all of this but it won’t just happen by itself.

Just imagine…when you go to physical store, there is a person selling something to you…

Online your website is your personal shopper and it doesn’t talk lek live person in store yet you have to make your visitor feel like it is…make sense?

In short, the possibilities are pretty much endless.

Happy hunting 🙂


P.s. shoot me an email if you need help with Google ads…

Do you struggle with Paid Advertising


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