Secrets Revealed: Why Being Different Is More Important Than Being Better

December 12, 2017
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December 12, 2017 Damir Butkovic

Secrets Revealed: Why Being Different Is More Important Than Being Better

Why is it more important?

Simple answer – you need to grab attention of your potential clients!

Only then you can explain them how good you are, or better than your competitors.

In short – without the attention of your visitors – you have nothing.

Just think about it – how are you going to explain to anyone to buy your stuff if they are not even looking at your website.

Content, or even better – strategic content can do a magnificent job at marketing aka selling your products and or services.


It’s isn’t intrusive and aggressive as typical ads can be…

And it will do the differentiation, the positioning for you – grabbing the attention.

In articles, you can you as many words you want, to describe what you want; it’s an advantage.

And websites with more content have higher SEO value, and most importantly…

It’s different than most – yet another thing which wins attention.

One of my mentors once said “ Who do you see as an expert, someone who sends you one newsletter a month? Or someone who write about the topic every day?”

You got it – it’s the other person.

For instance:

Let’s say you own a restaurant and you write blog posts about food…

How to buy fresh ingredients, tips about food preparation…

Food, nutrition, give away a few of your recipes….

Teach people simple cooking tricks, teach them about best  cooking equipment…

How restaurants work, who is who in restaurant, what are good practices, what are bad, etc…

I mean, the list of topics is endless.

The Secrets:

What you’d have in this restaurant example is – pure gold:

  1. a) You have a bunch of content on which you can drive traffic and pay about 10x-15x less than what you’d pay for normal ads, I’m talking 0.04-0.05c…

That’s a LOT of targeted traffic for small budget…

Then you hit them with retargeting …you get lead at 300% less cost than normal…

(Just to let you know; this is one of the best traffic strategies which work like gangbusters right now…)

  1. b) Guess who they are going to see as an “expert” in the restaurant field? Guess who are they going see as an authority? Guess who is going to create a desire to eat that food, to thank someone for all those tips?

Yep, you guess it – It’s going to be you

  1. c) More importantly – you’ll grab their attention! Why?

Because you’re different – your restaurant actually has a blog with valuable content.

You got three secrets there…remember them..

The How To Part

How many restaurants do you know have a blog?

Not many…it even sounds weird, restaurant website with a blog?!

But more importantly, at the same time, it also sounds and looks – different!

You got to give people the reason to buy your stuff…

You see, our brains, need to see the difference, the contrast to make a difference to be able to create value…

On my first sales course, Ben, the teacher, gave us an example:

“Look at this phone, it holds battery up to 8h” then he said, “but that’s nothing”

We said…then he said “all other phones hold their battery up to 4h”

Suddenly the 8h thing is a good deal.

Get it? Yes, you do…

Our minds, your mind, my mind, your potential client’s mind, they all need contrast aka the difference to see the value.

If there is no contrast, the difference, the mind start to look for other things to make a comparison…

Things like price, location, menu, etc.…

For starters, that’s a bad place to be because if all restaurant owners say they have the “best food” how are people really know who is better or not?

Yet, if you’re the ones writing all about it, giving out good content, showing them how food needs to be prepared in the first place…

What this mean is –  they are automatically going to think that YOU have the best food.

You might be thinking… “but there is so many restaurants/hotels/bars/clubs here on the island, how are we all going to differentiate?”

Well, even if you all have blogs and post good content all the time, you can still do it.

Here are a few examples you could do it, the goal is to position your business different than any other.

Simple way is to start with your USP (Unique selling proposition) then generate content  ideas from there:

“We have the coldest beer”

Write about all possible ways of keeping the beer cold; how it was done before 200 years and how it’s done today, find stuff online, write about it…

“No wine just beer – We have the largest beer selection” 

Write all about types of beer, how many, from where, how it’s made, etc..

 “We have the best wine selection” 

Write about wine, why that wine is the best, where does it come from, how it’s made, write about grapes, etc.

“We have the best white wine selection”

Write about white wine, why that white wine is the best, where does it come from, how it’s made, write about grapes, etc.

“We have the best red wine selection”

Write about red wine, why that red wine is the best, where does it come from, how it’s made, write about grapes, etc.

“We have best pinchos”

Write about pinchos, how they are made, history, culture, what to know about them, how to make them, etc…

“We have the best menu del dia” 

Write about daily menu here and around the world, the tradition, the type, the food selection, why are they popular, etc…

“We have the best grill” 

Write all about the grill, the fire, the wood you use, can be used, how it’s affecting the flavors, how to cook the food on the grill, types of grill, etc…

“We have the best Argentinian grill” 

Write about Argentinian grill, the preparation, the tradition, cuts of meat, etc…

“We have no grill”

Write about food preparation without grill, how it works, why is better, is faster, which cookware to use, etc…

“We have the meat on the grill” 

Write about the meat, all about meat cuts, how to marinade the meat, chuletones, entrana, cerdo, pollo, everything, etc…

“We have the best fish on the grill” 

Write all about fish on the grill, how to cook it, how to marinade it, what’s the best fish to grill, which one is the fastest to cook, slowest to cook, give tips and tricks, etc…

“We have the best service” 

Write about the service, how to recognize it, who needs to do what, etc…(just make sure you really have “the best service”)

“We have WIFI so you don’t have to talk to each-other”

Write about the importance of talking to each other, write about relaxing, the times where there were no phone and wifi,  etc…

“We have the largest menu” 

Write about the benefits of large menu, why is it large, what foods you offer, etc…

“We have the smallest menu”

Write about the importance of small menu, why it works, who figured it out, etc..

“We have the cleanest rooms”

Write about cleanliness standards, pillow change every after a certain period of time, how to check if the room is really clean, everything…

“We have the smallest rooms – who sleeps anyway” 

Write about the benefits of having small room, why are they better than big room, what small room in the first place so people might see your ‘small’ room isn’t really small, etc…

“We are the hotel with the best pet care” 

Write about the hotels and pet care, good practices, bad practices, the best practices…(people pay a lot for their pets care)

 “The shortest wait time” – rental cars 

Write about the systems you have which allow your customers to have the shortest wait time instead of waiting hours like in some other rental cars companies, why shot time is important, how it affect their holidays, etc…

Yes, there is a lot of ‘restaurants’ examples, but who cares, the same strategy can be modelled for almost any business.

You get the picture, the same strategy can be applied for almost any business, just calm something, then back it up with your content aka prof.

Sell the Experience

People love that stuff, people travel to destinations and buy experiences..

While we at restaurants; why do you go Chinese restaurant? Spanish? Italian?

To have an experience of eating that particular food from that region…right?

So, sell your clients the experience they want, the one you do uniquely the best.

But fist positions yourself as the best by being different, again – claim something, then back it up with ’proof’ aka content on your website.

How To Write

This might seem hard yet in reality, what do you have to do?

Just write! This is not about who writes the best, or a writing contest.

The idea is to provide value and for that you don’t need to be a professional writer.

In fact, the more you are being you in your own way, more people will connect with you, aka your business.

You are bad writer – hire someone.

Can’t afford the good ones?

Give them a couple of free services of yours massages, lunches, drinks, whatever…you can always make a deal…

If you closely look at it, this is probably one of the simplest ways to grow your business using your online media.

Not to mention, one of the most affordable ones – that’s under condition that you actually apply the strategy traffic – content – retargeting 🙂

On the end – you’ll get a lot of new business and we all know what that means – el dineroooo!!!

Thank you for reading.


p.s. need help with this stuff? Blog set up, articles, traffic, retargeting? Shoot me an email and let’s talk…




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